Sunday, July 24, 2011


Just a quick update for today.
Spent half of my day @ Celebrity Fitness with Steph.
We even did some grocery shopping! LOL! *officially house wives eh?*
We always look for cheap stuffs, comparing the prices all the time...*this is what house wife do eh?* =P

We went for BELLY DANCE class today!
Wow! Belly dance is awesome! It was our first time trying out that.
We were kinda shy at first, to shake our belly and butt in front of strangers.
But soon, we kinda into it actually. Its so special, so new to us. =)
Love it!

Had late lunch at Mdm Lim Restaurant.
Our lunch : Nachos + Horlicks + Ice kacang. LOL!

Ice kacang!

Cheesy Nachos!

Edited using Photoscape this time. =)
Weird effect eh? =P

Gold fish sista! =D

Didnt manage to go D'Fortune for Teik Man's birthday celebration.
Parents don't let. Sorry Teik Man! =(

Alright alright, shall start my script typing.
If not I can't finish it eh. =X

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