Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Am I?

Had another work out session with Steph today! Woah, the ritmo zum is so darn AWESOME! =)  All at a sudden, we just love dancing. Ritmo zum is some dance style with hip hop + free style. We managed to keep up with the pace, but both of us were sweating like mad. =X So far, this is the best dance class that we ever attended there! =)

Camwhore session after I took my shower there. Both of us felt so hyper once we started camwhoring. LOL! Typical camwhorers eh? =P 

Tired-looking me after the work out session @ Celeb Fitness. =)

Yours truly & Steph deary. =)

Had another new time table for my new semester. Gahh! So hectic! =(  30 hours in one week?! *I'ma getting crazy soon!* Got a new lecturer for my Comp Studies class. My previous lecturer was pregnant, and she needs holiday now. He is Mr Ngan. *weird name!* Quite young and good looking too. =)  Hopefully the class will be more fun with new lecturer. *can't wait for Photoshop learning!* =P

Class starts late tomorrow. But have to go college early to do revision. I need to do start preparing for my presentations. Presentation week coming soon. I AM SO NERVOUS! 

Btw, I won two movie tickets from Churp Churp! *for Churp Churp Night Race thingy* Wasn't expect to be in the top 100 in the race. LOL! Was really happy when I received the email from them. Thanks Churp2! =D

Should I take IELTS eh? Hmm...


  1. Congrats on winning tickets frm Churp2! (: Btw, all the best in yr presentation too.

  2. lol,so Mr.Ngan is the handsome teacher? XD

  3. @hilda thanks deary! :)

    @steph haha, yeah yeah. ngan ngan! xD