Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A wish.


I will be having my study leave starting today,
till I finished my EXTERNAL exam, around end of July i guess. Gahh! *I AM SCARED, no joke!*
I wondered how will be the Aussie papers look like eh?

Had 2 hours break before my Math class today.
So my college mates 'dragged' me to Snooker Centre near my college to de-stress.
I know nothing about pool, and they kinda 'teach' me how to play.
BUT, it 'burst out' as laughters instead. 
I tried to balance the stick with my fingers, but the stupid stick too long and heavy.
Iish. I aim left side, the ball go right side, i aim right side, the ball go left side pulak
I even 'bounced' the white ball out from the pool table. OMG!
They were like, 'shocked' and 'amazed', wondered how I can bounced the white ball out from the table.
Guess that I'm too pro eh? =P

Anyway, I managed to get 1 ball in, in the end. LOL! =)
*huge achievement for me, happy happy me!* =P
And I'm kinda in love with pool now. Maybe will go there again next time. Hee!

Btw, I'm back to my own sweet home! *no more staying in my uncle house* 
I miss my house so muchhhhh, especially my bed! =)
Gonna drive to college tmr. Extra revision for math and bio. 
Gambateh! =)



  1. until this end of month? so long wo . . . study hard k? hehehe

  2. ur Aussie paper will look like Kangaroo :P

  3. @kian fai yea yea, end of july =X I will try my very best =DD

    @merryn haha! i wish my paper really looks like kangaroo! =DD