Sunday, July 31, 2011

A string of memories.

Lovin' Starbucks T-shirt!  =)

Its Monday tomorrow! Weekend pass so fast eh? =(  I wish I could get more rest at home. I need more sleep, more shopping, more facebooking, more tweeting, and MORE FOOD! *have no idea why I'm getting hungrier faster these days!* Its a good thing though. =)

Went to Jusco with family in the evening. Bonding session again. =)  Mummy bought a new pair of shoes from New Balance. My sis and I, bought shoes too. *50% discount eh!* AWESOME! =D  Bought a grey cardigan and one whole stack of A4 papers for my college. Went to night market after that. So crowded! 

Gonna wear this to college! *shall keep my wedges/sandals at home* =P

I love the PINK base! so striking! =P

Classes start at 12pm tomorrow. Eng and Comp class cancelled. =)  Anyway, I'm going to college earlier to do my stuffs tomorrow. =X  *presentations coming soon!* *scream out loud!*

So sudden, and I don't know what to do.
A question to my heart : " Should I, or not? "


  1. that's a really cute shoe! But i think meant only for the ladies. :)

  2. Wow... pink one. Looks good. =D

  3. @issac haha! there's blue available! =P

    @bendan yeap! Pinky ladies! =P