Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Food Post : P.H.O.P

Had an AWESOME dinner with relatives at PHOP @ The Curve on Sunday!
*Paddington House of Pancakes*

We ordered a lot of food that day.
*konon-nya want to try all the pancakes in one day!* LOL!
But their main course was too filling. 
So we just try out the famous ones there. =)

Food photos here!


Ice Mocha! *the cream is so delicious!* =)

Passion fruit + Mango crush something. LOL!

Some Kiwi something.

Seafood marina + apple cinnamon pancakes. 

Chicken + mixed mushroom spaghetti.

Salmon + pancakes.

Beef i guess.

Rib-eye i guess.

Chicken slices + something spaghetti.

Forgot the name. LOL!

Banana pancakes! *Yums yums yums!*
Rate : 10/10!!

Fruits + mini pancakes + marshmallows!

Chocolate! =D

My fav : Chocolate fondue! =DD

Definitely will visit there again next time! =)


  1. Wow... ordered so many dessert? Looks nice. Yummy!! What's the price, is the food there expensive??? =]

  2. @bendan erm, a lil expensive but worth it! =DD