Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take over.

I love you.

It seems that I am blogging everyday eh? even I'm actually having my external exam going on this two weeks. LOL! *i have no idea why I will have a feeling of 'hand-itchy' if I don't update my blog* Its a good, or bad sign eh? =)

Received a call from Miss Chai last night. And I got a 'shocking' news from her. At first I don't know how to react, but somehow, i managed to handle it, i guess. I had done my part, like what I said previously. I can't do much to help, but i need to try whatever i can. Hopefully everything will end asap. =)

Wasn't in a good mood since last night. I don't know why. Sigh. Decided to watch Monte Carlo with my college mates today, and this outing, indeed cheered me up. *i guess its time to get some relaxation moment eh?* =)  I was the driver of the day, while the girls, of course were my passengers. Hee! They dare to sit on my car eh? =P  Hopefully they were not 'frightened' with my driving skills. =)

Trishna & Joyce prefer to watch Monte Carlo compared to Mr Popper's Penguin. Me, of course want to watch Harry Potter, but its show time is late at night. Iish! >.<  Most prob will watch it after my externals. Hee! =)  The movie was okay, laughed from the beginning to the end of the movie. LOL! Tai Yun even split her popcorn on the floor. All of us were like, what?! LOL!

Have to start collect information for my english essays. Don't know what will come out for the externals eh? Hmm. Hopefully is not a hard topic. =X

To-do list :
Gain more weight. *51 kg is so hard to gain eh?* >.<
No coffee.
No tea.
No CHEESE!!!!! =X *gahhh! my fav!* =(
Drink more more more water.
Drink vege juice.


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