Tuesday, July 26, 2011

College starts tomorrow! Which means another semester starts again! =X
It makes me more tensed up now. More assignments and presentations coming up, especially for English. =(
I need more time to cope with it, since something happened to me recently. 
Will the time freeze for me?

Steph and I were really into gym these few days. 
Whenever we had free time, we just went there and did some work out  +  attending classes! =P
Luckily the trials end this week, if not I guess both of us don't have time to go gym anymore since Steph has her Black Swan + assignments going on and me have to prepare for my upcoming presentation + tonnes of homework. Best of luck for both of us, and hopefully we can do this right. Sisters are meant to be! Heeee! =)

Alright, time to sleep! Have to wake up early tomorrow! Pearly will be the driver of the day tmr. =P Hopefully no jam. 

All at a sudden, I miss my high school. All the memories flooded in my mind. I miss all my friends, Lyn, LingSze, Steph, Carmen, Emily, Shah, Xin Yan, ChungMae and lots more actually. High school life is awesome, isn't it? =)