Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Give me some luck, pretty please?

I am pretty nervous right now, so I decided to blog to ease my 'nervous-ness'. LOL! =P 

Recently, I applied for Sin Chew Daily Education Fund 2012 which is organised by Sin Chew Daily, obviously. I just want to try out my luck by submitting the application form to Sin Chew office. It was a LONG process where I need to prepare all sorts of documents like academic results, photos, copies of my certificates and other stuffs related to academic, co-curricular activities and financial status of my family.

And guess what? I NEVER THOUGHT OF GETTING A REPLY FROM THEM until I received a text message and an email from Sin Chew Daily and Taylor's University a few days ago! I am invited to go for an interview on 18 April, which is tomorrow, at Taylor's Student Central. I was freaking excited when I was notified with such a great news! Although I may not getting the scholarship, but I am so glad to have this opportunity to go for the interview! Its a 50-50 chances now of getting the scholarship, so I SHALL TRY MY VERY BEST to do well in the interview. Just be myself, that's the only thing I want to do during the interview tomorrow.

Pray hard, for not being too nervous during the interview.
Pray hard, for not embarrassing myself in front of the panels.
Pray hard, for giving me confidence to answer all the questions well.
Pray hard, for giving me faith that I am able to do it. 
Pray hard, for no jam tomorrow so I won't be late for my interview!

I will be the first few to be interviewed tomorrow because I have lectures to attend at 10am. Shall prepare for my formal outfit later, and PRAY!

Wish me luck?  =]


  1. all the best babe! keep calm and JUST DO IT!;D

  2. Gambadeh! Dont be nervous,u can do it! (Y) ;)

  3. good luck and you are the best :)

  4. all the best! i know u will get it somehow! don't worry so much ya! :)

  5. good luck!!! I'm sure you can do it!! :D

  6. good luck and all the best! =D

  7. All the best, I know you can do it (:

  8. Owh my! i feel so touched right now, with all your wishes above here in this post! =] Love you guys! :)