Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid Rocks!

Recently, I took part in one of the Nuff Nang contest. And the contest is about Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid. I wrote a comment for it and I was elected as one of the winner of the contest! =)  So I won a Tune Talk simcard with RM 100 preloaded in it.

Tune Talk simcard
RM 100 preloaded. 

When I got my new simcard, I was lazy to change my current number to the new one. It was troublesome. So i decided to put the Tune Talk simcard to my another old phone. However, I still using my current number to make calls and text my friends. But soon, I found out its too expensive. =(  *This proves that I am TALKATIVE* LOL. 

SMS to same telco was okay.
But to other telco, uh-huh...
its way too EXPENSIVE. =(


Hmm, where to get cheap calls and sms huh?

Tune Talk is here for RESCUE ! =P

Once i activated my simcard, I got my new number, which is 010-XXXXXX *private* =P  After I started using this new number, I realized that Tune Talk, is actually a very good service compared to other Telco services in Malaysia. I can call ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, in a very CHEAP cost, although I send messages to different telco other than Tune Talk. 
For my very first minute, it only cost 16 cents! While SMS to ANY telco is only 5 cents! Even if I connect my handphone to internet, its just 5 cents for 1024 KB. Compared to other telco, its like double the cost of Tune Talk! 


Comparing Tune Talk to other Telco.

This is what we called CHEAP! =P

Besides cheap, I can still get a lot of BENEFITS! =)  I can change my Tune Talk number anytime I want. If I get bored with my number one day, I can still change my number anytime, anywhere. Then I don't have to worry people stalking my handphone number. =P  The most important point is, I can still earn a FREE RM 100 000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa! I don't have to worry about my safety since I got Insurance coverage. So good right? =)

Thumbs up for Tune Talk  =)

Plus, I can earn Tune Talk points for Air Asia Flights for every top up! For example, if i top up RM 10, I will get 20 points. If I top up RM 30, i will get 70 points! And all the points will accumulated until I got enough points to redeem free air tickets. POINTS NEVER EXPIRED! Cool right? =D  

Free Air Asia Flights with Tune Talk! =)

Sounds good right? Still got what benefits eh? I can get SUPER LOW flat rates NATIONWIDE to any number, anytime! =)  I can call my relatives or friends in overseas with super low rates. I don't have to worry that I will get bankrupt because of lacking money to top up =P

SUPER LOW rates! =P

So far, I really like Tune Talk because I got more benefits and less problems. Even if I top up for RM 50, it won't get expired so fast compared to my previous telco. And I can get my top up anywhere. It is available in the most common one 7-11, Speedmart, Banks, Hypermarkets and so on. 

So, why not we choose Tune Talk? =)

Tune Talk rocks the world!  =)


  1. Nice writeup for tunetalk alien!! Proud of you :)

  2. ps - nuff nang ... is nuffnang, its actually one word

  3. You mean when you are bored of your number, you can change to whatever number that you like? So if I want to change my number to 010-123456 also can?

  4. thanks isaac! =)

    @serge i like to seperate the nuff and the nang ar =P

    @kelly yea, if the number is available =D

  5. Waaah! I love the text bubbles. They're as wacky as your photos!

    I'm from the Philippines so I have no idea what company you're talking about. T_T


  6. For free? Changing the no.?
    How is the line service? Is it strong?

  7. interesting review!
    i never had one, but im intend to do so.

  8. So cuteeeee, especially the second pic! :D Nice review btw!

  9. @neil its a advertising company, called NuffNang =) thanks! =D

  10. @kelly yea, for FOC! =D hmm, its using Celcom coverage =)

  11. @hilda haha! *pai seh* =P thanks!