Monday, February 14, 2011

Be my Valentine?

Its Valentine Day world!
I guess everyone *mostly couples* enjoying the day huh? 
Hmmm.  =)

My Valentine Day is just like any other normal day. LOL. Woke up late this morning, and I had to grab instant noodles and rushed to college. Day wasn't that bad. Managed to hand in my first ever assignment today. Yipee! =)  Class ended at 4pm, but it was raining so heavily. So i stayed back in college and did some of my homework because i got no umbrella to get back home. LOL. =(

Had dinner with my aunt and cousin. Roasted chicken with mushrooms and mash potato! =D  It was really finger licking good! Yums! =)  After dinner, I did my homework again. And now i ended up online, updating my bloggie. Too tired to touch my homework. 

And finally I received an email from Nuff Nang regarding to my Tune Talk review. So happy! Will blog about it soon! Planning to go for celebrations with other bloggers after I got my rewards! =D  

Going Uptown with cousin tomorrow! =D
*Hunting for presentation clothes*


  1. Happy Valentine Day, babe! Have fun tomorrow, I bet you'll want to meet bloggers more often after that...

  2. hahaha ! Happy Valentine's day ! I cant wait too ! =D