Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reunion Dinner.

I know its late to talk about my reunion dinner.
So, I will just make this post short and let the pictures do the talking. =)

We had our reunion dinner in Selayang Palace this year.
It was a lil different because we used to have reunion dinner at home.
But this year, we got 26 people! *ONE BIG BIG FAMILY EH?*
So we had our reunion dinner there.

It was a nice restaurant.
Food was yummy.
Had so much fun with my cousins there.
I miss them lots. =)
Feel like going back childhood time.

The menu of the day.

Some of the dishes.

outfit of the day.

Off to Klang later.
Homevisiting.  =)


  1. @gun yeap, delicious! =P

    @peace thanks! =)

  2. Is yr outfit two piece or one? Nice! (:

  3. @hilda one piece =) thanks!

    @jfook haha! yeah! Yums! =P

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  5. I am looking at you instead of the food :P

  6. @your humble servant haha! LOL! is that a compliment? =P