Friday, February 18, 2011

Bloggers Gathering @ Cmen's house.

Hey world! =)
Finally, i got some free time to blog about this bloggers gathering.
I was excited and happy, as this is my first time to attend bloggers gathering.
It was really fun. =D
Cmen's house was really awesome! Kinda huge and got a lot of nice decorations too.

photo courtesy : tikkos
Cmen's house huge garden.

Feeling a lil awkward actually.
Since I didn't meet any bloggers before. Hmm.
But after that, everyone was so friendly. All of us just busy chit-chatting.
Met most of the bloggers there.
Tikkos, Jayren, Tony, Sherry, Melissa, Vincent, Li Chuen,
Henry, Dusty, Amelia, Hilda, Kenneth, Kian Fai, Joey and Jfook.

We had dinner there.
Pizza, Roasted Chicken, Hotdog with cheese, Coconut jelly, and cakes too.
Played cards after that. UNO and Poker. =)
Hilda was so 'ONG' that night. Won a lot of money.

Some of the pics here. Enjoy. 

Cmen and I  =)

Dusty, Vincent, Tikkos, Jayren and Henry. =)

Amelia and Cmen on the side =)

Chuen and I

Sherry, Melissa and I.
Sherry's voice is so cuteee! =)

Jayren and I.
The driver of the day!
Thanks to Jayren yea! =D

Hilda and Kenneth, her bf  =)
The perfect ones! 

Kian Fai and Henry. =)

UNO gang! =)

 Poker gang. =)

See tikkos reaction!
*must be losing money to Hilda!*  =P

Before that, I was mis-recognized tikkos as dusty.
Anyway, I had fun that night.
Nice meeting with the bloggers. =)
Thanks to Cmen, for having gathering at her house.

Busy life.


  1. Glad that finally you met the blogger gang! =D

  2. Blogger Gatherings are addictive!! I didn't realize that it was you in the photos I saw on FB until you blogged about it.

  3. @isaac yea, it was fun! =)

    @darran haha, go add my fb! =)

  4. hahahha..i like the pic where tikkos expression when he lost money to hilda xD

  5. Nice new layout and header!
    It was nice to meet you that night. :)

  6. eeeeeeeeeee, why no invite me one?

  7. @chuen haha! epic! =P

    @sherry thanks! happy to meet u too! =)

    @john err, this one i dunno eh =(

  8. after a month, I realize this post =P