Thursday, November 22, 2012

William ♥ Sue Ann !

Was supposed to update my blog last week, but due to my heavy work load and assignments pilling up, I have no choice to neglect my dearest bloggie.

Anyway, I'm back to my blogosphere and time to update about my cousin's wedding which was on TEN ELEVEN & TWELVE! *10/11/12*  Sue Ann isn't my closest cousin after all, due to a huge age gap, but somehow, we both chit-chat quite a lot when we meet up for family gatherings. I always jealous of her having such an awesome bf/husband. Quite handsome looking, and mature! Now I wish my future bf or husband has one of this criteria! Haha! =P



'Ji mui' setting up the props!

iPad to connect the live session so that Sue Ann can see how the 'ji mui' played the groom and brothers!
So technology advanced arrr! =P

Lovely ukulele, in reddish pink!

Lovely bride! :)

Feel so happy for Sue Ann! :)

With the bride! :)

Meet my little baby cousins!

And this 'emo' boy to open the car door!

All the 'ji mui' getting ready!

Brothers waiting outside to face 'challenges'! =P

All the brothers are wearing.... UNDERWEARS! =P

What are they going to do eh? 

Those underwears are special!
With words and symbols behind! *spot the love* =P

They had to perform Oppa Gangnam Style!

William was so daring! He even did this funny part! =P

After Oppa Gangnam Style, all the brothers are blindfolded and William have to ask them to move to designated place until they form the words : Will  Sue Ann

After that, they have to dance Oppa Gangnam Style again, but this time blindfolded!
All of us laughed so hard! Indeed, they did a great job! :)

The happy bride and groom!

Sue Zhen, Sue Ann's sister! :)
Pretty rite? 

After that, we all proceed to Ecoba @ Damansara Perdana. They had a simple vow exchange ceremony there since William is not a Christian. Anyway, I love the environment there. Garden-theme wedding! =]

My OOTM! :)

The wedding cake! Superb cute right?
Most important is, the whole cake can be eaten! =P

Spot the 'curtain'!
Its made of origami swan! :)

My dad and the baby, who loves to eat! Superb adorable! :)

Porshe something! Not familiar with cars, but this car is darn chun! So sport-ish! =P

Origami swan curtain! :)

It was our first time being receptionist of a wedding. Kinda excited because it makes me feel like I'm really in a wedding, like in part of the wedding! 
*Note the purple board on the wall, it was sticked with wishes from the guests who attended the ceremony. And those wishes will be collected after that to be made into a blanket!*
So creative and memorable way of making your wedding day one of the kind! :)

Ceremony started with 'VIP' walking in.
So we stood outside and hold the curtain while they walked in :)

Spot the puppy, Fudgy!
He is one of the VIP of the day! :)

Sue Zhen walking in, playing ukulele and sing a wedding song!
So lovely of her!

'Ji mui' walking in.

And lastly, Uncle Sun Yau and Sue Ann!

Spot the happiness shown by the bride! :)

Seriously, I love her wedding dress!
Looks like cheongsam-feeling! :)

With Sweet Yee and Yee Kiat! My closest cousins! :)

The receptionists of the morning! :)

And, they even rent a Say-Cheese photoshoot booth there! So there everyone can take photos there, with catchy stuffs like huge ribbons, funny sheds and frames! Then, we can check out the photos from their site two weeks after the event. =]

Randomly taken with phone :)

These are photos taken from the Say-Cheese website! :)
Theme : Old School! 

Spot me! =P

My dad with fake hair! Haha! =P

Hehe! That random guy on the left! =P

Awww! :)

At night, the wedding dinner was held at The Grand Imperial @ Bangsar Shopping Mall. Sweet Yee, my sister and I went there earlier because we were the receptionists of the night. It was quite messy in the end because the name lists weren't in order, and the guests came in so fast. We had no time to take the attendance and at the same time, to collect the angpows. It was my first time keeping two big bags of angpows in my life! LOL! =P

Swan in the middle! 

Wedding cake!

The bride and groom! :)
The bride is in her pink cheongsam, passed down from generation to generation! So cool right? 


The receptionists! :)

Blurr photo taken before the dinner started.

The usual stuffs couples normally will do - DRINK!


The cousins! :)

With William and Sue Ann! :)

Last photo with Sue Zhen!
Next time I shall hunt for a purple dress like this! Love purple! :)

This wedding was the best one that I attended so far!
Had so much fun that day! :)


  1. congrats to them! anyway, i love both of your dresses! looks real nice! :DDD

    1. aww! thanks Camy! I rarely wear dresses like that! :P

  2. long post? I dun think so :P

    congrats to them eheh

    1. haha, not long ke? keep on scrolling down saja! =P

  3. wah, really so advance leh, broadcasted live. never thought of it before, can suggest my bride-to-be friends to do such. by the way, i really can't get my eyes off the pink guitar. so adorable.

    1. hehe, technology advance now! :P plus bride mustn't miss out those fun moments! =] Yeah, I wish I know how to play it! :D

  4. many ppl got married recently huh. i became "heng tai" for the first time ever last thursday lol. Twilight Breaking Dawn review

    1. Wow! Then heng tai sure kena played 99 one leh! =P

  5. a very long post in deed! anyway u are the photographer izit, from start to end! lol when is ur turn? XD

    1. haha, no la no la. need photos to blog ma =P my turn?! still young for marriage! =D

  6. Welcome back & thks for sharing these beautiful shots!

  7. OMG so romantic!!! I want a wedding like this too! :DD

    1. haha, me too me too! *now we set a benchmark for our wedding arldy* =P

  8. looks like a fun wedding. The only 3 I've been to were plain and boring.

    1. its okayy, look forward to the future ones! :D