Friday, June 14, 2013

He. She

Yay! Our video is out finally! *drum rolls*  :)  My friends and I managed to produce a video (PSA) for our assignment as well as to participate in Youth Creative Short Film competition.

And this time, our PSA short film is about Internet Relationship. We are doing it in a comedy way, and if you want to know how 'comedy' is it, watch it! =P

He. She

I would like to thank my friends for making this PSA film a success. We are still in a beginner level, and we still have a lot for improvements. So hopefully the outcome is good! Feel free to watch it and comments are much appreciated too. Thank you!

P.S  My finals is around the corner. The date is brought forward to the 2nd week of July! Mamamia! Have to start hardcore-ing after my assignment month. Wish me luck! :)

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