Saturday, July 13, 2013


Yay! I'm hereby to announce that I'M FREE FROM EXAMINATIONS & ASSIGNMENTS, FOR ONE MONTH! Although it's just a month holiday, but its better than nothing right? Gonna appreciate and enjoy my holidays, but at the same time, I feel like getting a part time job so I can spend my holidays wisely. Any part time jobs to introduce? :)

Meanwhile, enjoy the video below! Its a video of my class final showcase for Performing Arts last semester. Yeah, its a bit long, roughly around 1 hour plus, but you can skip to a part from 0:20:25 to 0:22:25 and another part from 0:41:30 to 0:43:22, and try to spot me! =P

Stay tuned for my Sparty update organized by the one and only The Butterfly Project soon.


  1. one month i long!!! enjoy ur holiday! :)

  2. One month long for you to go jalan jalan at Ramadan Bazaar! Haha.. enjoy your holidays :)

  3. yeay holiday !! Cant wait for your SPARTY (what a word.. hahah) update !! :D