Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Owh Henry! :)

Arhhhhh, I have meet my new love, Henry! He is so cute, so ke ai, and so good in singing & dancing! I rarely 'fall' to solo K-pop singers because solo singers hardly give me the OHMMM impact like how the other famous K-pop groups such as SNSD, Big Bang and Super Junior. But now, Henry - one of the Super Junior M member, debuted solo recently and came out with a few awe-inspiring songs. One of it is Trap, feat Taemin from Shinee and Khuhyun from Super Junior.

I like how he combines piano with dance. 
So so nice!

And he can sings English song too. Well, not a bad attempt but his angel-feel voice melt me instantly when I hear it. I guess fan girl will always compliment her boy no matter good or bad right? 

I would - Henry
I like the lyrics, somehow it applies to me. Hmmm.

How I wish he could serenade this song to me! =P

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