Thursday, August 22, 2013


July and August, both are not my favourite months because of the so-called 'Ghost Month'

Well, it would be a terrible lies if I said I'm not afraid of ghosts OR I do not believe in the existence of ghosts. To be honest, I do not even dare to watch ghost or any horror movies. Normally I was 'being forced' to watch ghost movies in cinema with my friends, and all the time I was covering my eyes and ears. The scenes and horror sounds are just too horrible for me to cope with. So basically I was wasting my 12 bucks inside the cinema, sitting in the so-called comfy cushion chair, covering my eyes and ears, and 'sendiri takutkan sendiri' LOL!

And this morning, I jolt awake with a scary nightmare lingered in my mind. Usually, I hardly remember any dreams after I wake up, but this time, the nightmare is so vivid, so clear inside my mind. Sigh, I guess this is the after effect of The Conjuring ehh? I was 'being forced' by my sister to watch the movie together, because she was so scared to watch it alone, and so I accompanied her to 壮胆! 

And here goes the nightmare...

My brother, sister and I were in some random place, searching for treasures. The place was like some random dungeon, with a lot of weird stuffs inside, just like the room shown in The Conjuring, with different objects that were possessed. We sensed something was wrong in the dungeon as we felt a cool, strong wind around us that signify other 'presence' in the room. So we left the dungeon and went home after that. Surprisingly, we saw our grandma at home *well she passed away last year, but maybe we miss her so much, we welcomed her home* She was washing dishes in the kitchen, then I went to the washroom which was located beside the kitchen to wash up myself. All at a sudden, I don't know why I was staring at the mirror, and I felt a strong wind behind me, and the 'wind' just pushed me to the mirror. It was so fast, I couldn't move myself, and the mirror started to crack. I was screaming for help, crying...... Then I woke up. I couldn't sleep back after that.

After I woke up, the first thing I did is to check my back. LOL! I know its a dream, but I just couldn't stop myself to check myself whether am I injured from that dream. I tried to search a palm shadow behind my back *which I suspect the palm shadow that pushed me to the mirror*, but thank god the palm shadow was not there, which means its a DREAM! Phewww! Hopefully tonight I won't have the same dream again! :(

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