Thursday, August 29, 2013

Of the fishes and water.

Well, I'm not really a big fan of fishes. To be specific, I like the colour of water in the underwater world.

During Hari Raya holidays, I went to Singapore for a short getaway, just to relax my mind before I start my new semester. The main 'aim' of this trip is to enter the world largest underwater world - the S.E.A Aquarium! 

And seriously, the whole Sentosa island was so packed with people. You can hardly move in there as you need to queue for everything, including trains, food, rides and waiting to enter Universal Studios and the SEA Aquarium. 

See how long was the queue for trains eh? All these queue were to wait for the trains to enter Sentosa Island.

With my godmother! <3 p="">
 Guess what? We waited for freaking 4 hours to enter SEA Aquarium, although we were all holding priority passes! How I wish there are so many tourists in Malaysia underwater world too, but I know its kinda impossible LOL! =P


 Seriously in love with the colour of water!

Yay! Under the sea, under the sea! :)

 There were also 'marine people' 'patrolling' in the water to feed the fishes. They were so friendly and kept on waving HI to us! :)

We were even stepping ON the water too! 
Nahhh, there were a long pathway covered with glasses, where we can look through and explore the fishes under our feet! It seems like we are actually floating on water. So freaking awesome!

Spot the large crowd surrounding the superb huge tube of colourful fishes!
I swear this is one of the prettiest aquarium that I ever seen in my life! 
This tube actually go through every floors in this whole SEA Aquarium. In other words, you can see this tube when you enter any floors.

 This is known as deep sea section. 
This is the place where you can see every single sea creatures that you can find in deep sea. 

Panaroma view of the deep sea section.

*All these photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II.*

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