Thursday, August 15, 2013

A taste will make u :)

Errr, I shall said a few months ago, my high school buddies and I decided to have a dessert hunt, for fun *although we all knew we are really fat right now, with fats building up around our tummies and cheeks eeeek!* But girls, we tend to eat something sweet, to satisfy our what-so-ever cravings which came up all at a sudden. When that 'thing' (sweet cravings) comes, you have to please that 'thing'. LOL! Sounds wrong right? =P

So anyway, this time we 'ransacked' the whole Bangsar and found our final destination - Dip'n Dip! We love chocolate madly, truly, deeply. And when we thought of chocolate, Dip'n Dip just came to our mind instantly. 

That's me, doing the typical Malaysian stuffs - waiting for the others to snap photo of the food before start eating it. Well, it was a torture while waiting, because what I was thinking that time is, I WANT TO PUT THE MARSHMALLOW INTO MY MOUTH AND LET IT MELT RIGHT AWAY! =P

dip ‘n dip is the heaven for all chocolate, sweets and coffee lovers from all ages, as dip ‘n dip is sort of a coffee shop that is specialized in chocolate sweets, chocolate dipped fruits and sweets, chocolate based hot and cold drinks in addition to top of the line coffee drinks and a variety of cold drinks.

A taste will make u :)

We were the first customer of the day, and the 'ang mo' staffs gave us a warm welcome. We were seated in comfy red seats with not-too-loud music + strong aroma of chocolate accompanied us. We were given a menu each, then we started exploring the menu and decide what to order. Obviously, we did not know what to order, because everything just looked so tempting and delicious. I ALMOST DROOL-ED BY LOOKING AT THOSE PHOTOS IN THE MENU! =P

*Make sure you are not hungry before you scroll down.*

Dip Crispies
"A cup filled with cereal and chocolate, topped with mini marshmallows."

Tonnes of crispy cereal filled with chocolate. Love it! :)

Brownies crepe
"Folded crepe, filled with brownies, and topped with 3 kinds of chocolate - milk & dark & white."
Definitely one of the MUST TRY item in Dip'n Dip. 

"Chocolate rich fondant baked fresh, topped with Belgian chocolate, served with ice cream."

Aww man! Spot the chocolate lava! 
Warm brownies x cold ice cream = perfect match! :)

Overall the dessert are pretty good, nice environment, but one thing is, parking is way too hard to find. We basically spent 40 minutes finding a parking spot. And one more thing, the price are kinda 'atas'. Most of the desserts are priced above RM 15. So make sure you visit the place with banyak-banyak money! =P

Locate Dip 'n Dip at:

Dip N Dip
Chocolate Sweets & Coffee House
Jalan Telawi 3, 59100
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 603-22015052 
Opening hours: 
Sat-Thu 11:00am - 1:00am, 
Fri 2:30pm - 12:00am 


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