Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Here we go again, Semester 4.

New semester, new look, new life, and a start of something NEW. 

Hola! One month holiday ended up so soon eh? Thinking of this, I've come to Semester 4 so far. From Foundation in Science, ended up in mass communication degree. From Semester 1, struggling to familiar with Taylor's environment, settling myself in a new study environment with different 'patterns' punya friends and coursemates, until now...Semester 4, my final semester in Year 2. I can't believe that I've come this far, and of course, I've been through a lot of obstacles, sadness and betrayal but all these things make me stand up even stronger. I appreciate that, and I believe I can cope with all these issues better in future study life and working life.

And the funny thing is, I still haven't received my Semester 3 results ehh, and I'm starting my Semester 4 next week. Results tak ada, timetable pun tak ada? 'Fortunately', Taylor's efficiently sent me a fees invoice of approximately 13k ONCE I STARTED MY SEM BREAK. Now you can see how efficient is Taylor's ehh? When it comes to money, Taylor's is the FIRST to open their eyes, hands and a very big smile on their face. Once they received our money, OOPS! Good bye then, I shall never see you again until a new semester start. Seriously, Taylor's management, I salute you! 

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