Monday, August 30, 2010

The trust, in our heart.

I skipped school today! And guess what, latest news, 17 of us absent today! wow! Break record again! woo hoo! previous record was 14, now 17! what a great record! =D  They got back add math results today, but i still don't know my marks yet. Please, *pray pray pray*, good marks please? :)

Woke up quite late this morning, since i slept very last night. Was burning midnight oil to study Biology, got a small test tomorrow. iish! Biology, is NEVER be my love! Why Biology so complicated? arteries, veins, blood capillaries...How it goes from the heart to the lungs, and from the lungs to other part of bodies. So many veins and arteries to be remember :( How am i going to score my Biology huh? :(

Slowly 'adapting' to my new phone, Corby Chat. Lol, touch screen phone so sensitive huh? not really used to it. Btw, I'm excited! Because new car is coming tomorrow! Parents bought a new car, which is Toyota Vios, latest edition ones :) G spec if i'm not mistaken :) Its in Mica Grey colour, and the car plate is WUH 2908, which is my brother's birth date! Can't wait to see my new car!

The new car will be looking like this, but different colour.
Its a bit dark grey + a lil brownish.

inside will be looking like this.

there will be some sort of  'controller' here too.
to adjust the radio ones :)

Bear with it.
And stay with it.


  1. I'm sure you'll get the hang of Bio. If it's really that hard, get help frm your friends and teachers. Oh and btw, nice car :)

  2. @prakash thanks. I'll cope with my bio. Thanks for ur compliments. =D

    @john yea, full specs!