Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love '11' !

Exam was a freak! I got back my math results, and surprisingly, i got 94 marks! Happy me! I thought i can only get like 80 marks, because i did quite some silly mistakes, but lucky that i did 5 questions, so it helped me a lot =D  Add math, was totally, *out of mind*, because I don't have enough time to finish it. Fortunately Puan Tenh is the one who collect our paper. She gave me extra time. Phew :) Sejarah, mostly i tembak. Was not well when i was answering the questions. Feel like vomiting, tummy not well, what is that? i keep having this problem! sick of these :(  I got no idea. Mummy said probably have to go check up again.

The weather was so hottt, i was sweating even early in the morning. Btw, its 11 months now. Soon, to be one year! can't wait for it. Am actually preparing 'something' very special for him for our very first year anniversary. Owh yea, he drew me something, since we have been together for 11 months. Will upload the picture later, if possible :)

So excited. =D counting down. finger crossed!


  1. wah.. u bribe Pn Tenh izzit... give u extra time ! some more dare to blog here ! *just joking

  2. Fuahh, 94 marks! So nerd lah you very good with numbers. Can play texas hold’em already. =)

  3. @ronnie no money to bribe la. haha. i treated pn tenh like my mom :)

    @tolanic hmm, not that good la actually. haha, nope, i dunno how to play that :)