Monday, August 2, 2010

They are the one, who transforms my life to RAINBOW colours!

Well, today i'm gonna blog about my friends, who always stay with me whenever i need them. I heart them, seriously! There's no me, without my friends. I wouldn't know how to appreciate, if i do not have my friends in my life. <3 them!

The first one will be,
My dear, Eelyn aka Black African.
She's the one sitting beside me, understands me the most, 
be my listener when i need someone to talk or listen to my stories.
Btw, her driving skills need to be improved yea!
I'm sorry that my dear Eelyn have to become the black ones yea. Please don't mind what i said because in my heart, you always very white d, just like Snow White yea! =DD

The second one will be,
Miss Yap, Ling Sze aka Lychee.
She's the one who accompany me to school every morning, for 5 years!
We always late to school, and we have a Tabung Lewat to make sure that we won't lewat anymore.
She's tough, stubborn sometimes, and yet always be the understanding ones.

And the third one will be,
Miss Emily aka White African.
She's the one who gets crazy with me, who always have fun with me, 
who always created a lot of 'UGLY' names for me too! xP
She's hot tempered, sometimes contribute a lot of crazy ideas, contribute to PRS too.
She loves to scold me KNS, means KaNaSai, and i like that!
I called her White African because her skin is fairer than Eelyn's. 
So I'm sorry Eelyn, U have to be the Black African yea!

The fourth one will be,
Miss Carmen aka Big Boss and Miss Xin Yan aka Toilet Queen.
Carmen is the one who always make me laugh a lot in the class, and she loves to make fun of people. 
She likes to 'bully' people and she always will be the one who win. 
She can be the future Boxing Expert because of her superb beating skills!
Xin Yan is the one who lend me tissues when i cried. lol. 
She likes to go toilet to make sure that her hair is not messy and she looks good.

The last one will be,
Miss Stephanie aka Crazy Princess.
She's the one who told me a lot of her love stories with her loves one in class.
She tends to be crazy all the times, and she's pretty, just like a princess.
Shes' helpful, always tend to do crazy stuffs like doing some crazy poses with me.
Everyone likes her, and so do I.

The blogger,
This is me! Xue Ren aka Snowman / Alien Tan.
What to describe me ehh? Hmm, I know I'm crazy, but just sometimes =)
 I'm lack of stability, like what my friends always said about me.
I'm Tofu, because they said i'm weak, but actually I'm very strong one, no ones believe me :(
I'm always a tough one, i tend to keep everything to myself when i had problems with my family or even friends, and sometimes i even get frustrated till i get emo.

But now, i have my friends, and they will make my life BETTER!

The six of them, represents my RAINBOW.

Eelyn - Red
LingSze - Orange
Emily - Yellow
Carmen - Green
Xin Yan - Blue 
Stephanie - Indigo
Me - Purple.

They are the ones, who cover up the missing pieces of my life.
I'm glad to have u guys as my friends.
*hugs and kisses*

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