Sunday, August 8, 2010

Product of the day.

Gee, finally get to use the computer. So hard to online now without using my lappie. iiish! Well, i will be posting up some photos on Hari Koko. Mainly about the papan tanda competition thingy. Enjoy. =D

Me, XinYan and Carmen busy drawing the papan. =X

before colouring up..

this is after, look a bit weird, but we were satisfied =D

Owh well, the pictures of others papan tanda...

i heart this one. This is the best! :)

This is from Art Club i guess.

This one is from History Club. 

All the drawings are here. And I like most of the drawings too.
Although this competition was not fair, but still we enjoyed ourselves.

 I think i can't wash off the dirt. =X

Xin Yan and I wrote our names on the papan after the papan is officially done.

Will be posting up other pictures in my upcoming post again.
one is about lunch in New Choi Wah Lou Restaurant.
and another one is Wendy's Sweet 17th. Summer party!


  1. Wow, nice drawings (: Creative people!

  2. awww...i miss my koko days :(
    anyway, nice painting you got there, i like painting too

  3. thanks peepo! i love art too! :)

  4. The paintings look nice and cute :D

  5. Im in Uni KOKO for me dy =(
    Old times dy..hehe