Sunday, August 1, 2010

Give up.

This is gonna be an emo post again. Tumblr was down, so the only place that i can express my feelings out is here. I was really, really, sad now. Had some 'conflicts' with my friend, one of my best friend. I had try my best to explain everything, to make things out, to make everything better, but i guess, it couldn't bring any changes? I know something had changed now, between the three of us. The TRUST, no more i guess. I couldn't concentrate on my work, and i was thinking about how to solve this problem. And finally i got a very bad dream that my friend, slapped me! I was, like don't know what to do, to make everything better, its like the end. One of my best friend is treating me like, a stranger. You wouldn't know how sad am I right now, when I was not given a chance to explain. Maybe I really did something wrong that i didn't realized, and I apologized, and I'm trying to make things out. But now, after today, I really fed up, giving up now. I just hope, everything will be alright. I need a wish!

P.S   I won't let you go, if i get to know who's that particular fella who's trying to twist up the stories.

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