Saturday, August 14, 2010

My tummy is not functioning well !

Iiiish, this is definitely my bad day! Still sick for the day, and yet i still went for help psychology challenge, so it ended up tummy not well there and have to eat medicine there. lol. lucky i brought my medicine there. phew. I got a certificate and also a ticket voucher to some conference thingy that worth RM200+ ! although didn't get to win the challenge, but still i gained a lot of experiences, and i met some new friends too. Some from Penang, Johor, and also colleges like Sunway. Congratz to Yen Ping and Zi Ying that both of them were in the top 30! Yen Ping was even better that she was in top 10! cheers for them =D

Btw, luck wasn't with me today :(  my tummy wasn't that well the whole day, till now. THERE'S BEEN A LOT OF BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH! Then, i realized that i lost my handphone cable! owh my god! My dad will definitely screw me up! :(  still searching for it but it seemed like the cable alrdy 'dissapeared' ! So sad. Can't upload my pictures. Took quite some pictures in HELP college, and also some other random pictures. now, i hope that my cable will 'appear' again? please?

I heart Nuff Nang!


  1. congrat for getting at least something...and hopefully the cable will appear on your dad's table !

  2. hey gal.. i'm a scorpio too.. ;( owh, stil cant find? stay calm gal

  3. thanks guys! hoping for a miracle now! :(

  4. thanks hilda and chris!
    i met two scorpio eh! =D