Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creepy leg!

My day was 'awesome' today! First, i have to wear slippers to school, because my toe is injured. MY BOTTLE HIT ME! iish! long story, but anyway, for sure i can't go for PJ tomorrow, sad sad sad. Net ball tomorrow, i'm gonna miss all the fun, sigh. I still can walk, but can't really bend my toe, a little swollen now, have to apply medicine everyday. I'm still thinking whether to wear school shoes or my slippers tomorrow. I looked like a weirdo when i wore slippers today. lol.

While, about my 'papan tanda' competiton this saturday, we finally got our slogan, which is

"Saya Cemerlang, Maluri Cemerlang"

a quite long slogan, and its a little challenging because we are only allow to use 5 colours. hmm, we have figure out the pattern, but the colours still don't know what to choose yet.

Btw, I'm applying for the Sunway's schorlarship, miss chai told me to apply it. So, i have to do quite a lot of stuffs. I need passport-sized photo (just managed to get it just now), photocopies of my results and also curriculum vitae.

I miss you, and i really do.

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