Friday, August 20, 2010

You make me crazier, crazier, crazier...

Tink! :)

My day was superb dull, went to school as usual, everyone was busy studying, so was I. Didn't even went for recess, lazy la, my butt sticks to the chair alrdy! xP Chemistry, was bored, tham tham asked us to do work, glad that only heat of neutralization will be tested in the test. Physic also the same, its Chapter 3 only :)  lucky me =)

Btw, my class was decorated with all the flags, hibiscus, 1 Malaysia, and other stuffs related to Merdeka. lol. My class got at least 6 big flags, and a lot of small flags. Look so '1 Malaysia' . My class is actually 1 Malaysia, got Malay, Chinese and Indian. Three colours. =D

see the yellow thingy?
its one of the decorative items in my class. 
That yellow thingy represents US, as in 5A peepo!
Got everyone's name and also teachers too. =D

At the same time, after the test next week, will be start practicing again for the choir thingy, for Miss Khor retirement. Latest bad news, WE HAVE TO SING 4 SONGS! Two confirmed songs, which is 'I Did It My Way', a very old song, and one more, the usual one, 'Auld Lang Syne'. Two more songs, will be revealed soon! =D  excited?

And now, GOT ONE PARTICULAR FELLA , seriously make me pissed off u know! You ruined everything la! Stupid! Iiish!

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