Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Finally back to blogging again. Had been so busy these days. SPM is around the corner, kinda stressed up these days. Everyone in my class was busy studying actually, and THIS, actually make me stressed up too. Small test next week, just for four days, but one day got 3 subjects! owh gosh! :(  btw, good news is, I can skip my next Thursday exam! =) I have to go to some Chinese seminar in Sentul with other selected students. Miss Khor said its okay to skip the test! So, one day off? :) The test that day should be english and moral if i'm not mistaken. iish, why not sejarah? hehe!

Was busy with Taylor's scholarship the other day. The Principal's Award. Miss Chai told me to apply it. She told me yesterday, and the deadline is today. lol. Was rushing to finish the 300 words essay. Luckily everything is done today, alrdy sent the application form to Miss Chai this morning. Phew. :)

Had my so-called 'Durian Fiesta' just now. Mama bought durians! So happy! I always, HEART DURIAN! DURIAN IS MY DRUG! =) Ate quite a lot i guess, the whole plate of mine was fulled of durian 'seeds'. Hope I won't fall sick again :)

Yum Yum! =D

Woo hoo! I'm going to cook spaghetti tomorrow morning! Its my lunch tomorrow. Stay back at school for chinese class. Have to wake up before 6 tomorrow. Btw, reddish tomato or cabonara sauce? I wanna eat both! xP


  1. Wow... u cook before going to school !
    SALUTE to you !

  2. thanks merrin! =D

    me love cabonara too sherry!

    yea, i always prepare food to school, in the morning somemore :)

  3. i didnt get to eat yellow durian this time =/