Monday, August 16, 2010


I had a nightmare after i  took my nap this evening. I realized that i was actually woke up in tears. Its scary, at first, but now i guess its over, its just a dream right? i really hope that, its was actually a dream.

Well the dream is about me, and some three girls *some pretty La La girls*. The setting in my dream was actually in a cinema. And i guess i was actually working there, and I dunno why I was actually 'ordering' people to sit according the places?lol. Then at the same time, i was watching the movie too, so i left my handbag with all my stuffs in it on the chair and i left my place and started to 'order' them to sit according the place.

So, after everything, I went back to my place, and I realized that someone opened my bag. And some photos in my phone had been deleted. *pictures with  my loves one*  Then i was wondering who is that fella. And i realized there were 3 girls looking at me, and they quickly run away...

Well, then the dream switch the setting again.
I was in a shopping complex with two friends. Wanted to buy DVD there for my friend. So I went there happily with my friends and suddenly i met the 3 girls again. Then they came over and slapped me, hit me! They were really really hit me as in i remember they hit my nose badly! :(  Then I asked them why they hit me without reasons. And one of the girl told me that I'm a girlfriend of her Ex boyfriend. I was like, what the tuut! I don't even know who's her EX also and she hit me?! Then she showed me her messages in her phone, and the phone showed all the messages with her EX. She asked me to look at the name. I was shocked to see the name as the name of her EX was actually my love. My gosh! Then i woke up...

Such a nightmare right? This is so ridiculous! scared me :(