Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I feel hungry!

Sigh, just one short post today, got two tuitions in a row, miss lee and also dr fong. I have to put in more effort now, spm is around the corner alrdy, must MUST Gambateh alrdy! >.<

btw, my lappie is out now, i lend it to my cousin, so can't online that often alrdy, but i'll try my best to update my blog yea. =)

I'm so hungry right now! i need food, i need sweets, i need jelly beans, i need chocolate, i need ice cream, i need EVERYTHING! Eat, is the only way to reduce my stress level, oh gosh! i don't mind eating more, because i know i won't get any fatter anymore, finally skinny is good :)

P.S  LingSze, I'll chg your picture in my previous post next time yea, because the picture in my previous post very cute, don't feel like changing it, Gee! =D

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