Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kiss me through the phone..

Hari Koko was a little different this year, yet its a AWESOME day for everyone i guess? everyone is having fun today. Anyway, our drawings was a successful one, although it didn't look good as much as others, but we had fun, enjoying drawing peoples' hand and face! My fingers, my T-shirt were fulled of colourful paintings, and i i think i can't wash the dirt off. sigh. We managed to sell off everything, i mean the food, had some earnings too =D  going to use all the earnings to celebrate after SPM! I took quite some pictures in school, so i'll upload all the photos in the upcoming post.

The performances were great, as usual. I missed Malurian Idol, because i need to draw, so i missed all the fun. But i still get to watch Hip Hop Idol. The competent' s performances were not that good, a little bored. But N2O managed to get the crowd back! Their performances were good, and Eelyn's reaction, was the most funniest ones. U'll know why if u're standing beside her. =D I met HIM too, had some time together with him. =)

Rushed home after everything ends. Got lunch with relatives in one Chinese restaurant, New Choi Wah Lou, just opposite Tesco Kepong Village. The restaurant was a great one, the food was awesome, and the Karaoke system not bad too. *thumbs up* Had fun singing there with my cousins. Took some pictures there too, will upload soon. =D

Going to Miss Wendy birthday party later, in De Pastry Chef. Alrdy chosen my outfit of the day. Presents are well ready too. So, get ready to rock the SUMMER's Partaayy!  =DD

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