Saturday, August 21, 2010

Its Green Love peeps!

Just finished my revision. So tired. Haven't have a proper rest since this morning :(  Intervensi test will start on Monday, and the first three deadly subjects are, Malay, Math and Chemistry. Malay, erm, I don't really care about that because its just mainly, tatabahasa. Just pray that I can answer the peribahasa thingy. Then, Math, I still don't understand the Earth thingy, and I'm keep mixed Histogram, Frequency Polygon and Orgive! iish! Well, Chemistry, *speechless* Please don't failed! :(

Had Domino Pizza for lunch this afternoon. Ordered 2 pizzas, one is Tuna one, and another one i dunno the name? Another one is superb spicy! Had some kind of Banana-Kaya dessert? Lol. Quite nice actually.

Banana-Kaya dessert! :)

Btw, had changed my blog layout. My BOY chose this! I love it =D  Hope you guys like it. Had updated the poll roll too, feel free to answer the questions there yea. The previous poll too many questions la. This one, looks better :)

I wanna watch this movie! Its a chinese movie. My family had watched this, and they said very nice. I didn't get to watch this because I was too into my studies alrdy. Sigh. Miss one good movie! Going to watch DVD no matter how! =D

Its called After Shock in english.

I love my Green Love Story!

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