Sunday, August 15, 2010

Touch, my deepest core.

well, gonna introduce u guys two nice video here.
the first one,

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing.
by Yuna Ito.
Another version of AeroSmith. <3

And the second one is

Wedding Dress
by Tae Yang =)
Awesome hit song !
Love this song.

I have been listening to this two songs for days.
owh gosh, and the second video, which is Wedding Dress, really touched my heart :)

Btw, my tummy not getting any better :(
went for pharmacists this evening.
bought another type of medicine, sigh. no doctor on Sunday. iish!
hope the medicines can cure my naughty tummy!


  1. i heard this two songs alrdy from fb. people are posting everywhere :p nice one.

  2. yea, very nice song right? love this! =D

  3. sheez... no doctor on Sunday ! What are the doctors doing ?? Holiday ?