Sunday, April 28, 2013

I ask you. You ask me. We are happy family?

Yolo world! I feel so contented today as I had one of my most productive day before May ends. Since I broke my left leg 3 toes on my left leg, I practically have no life as I hardly can move around, attend events or gatherings etc. Sometimes, I do feel like my life is nothing, seriously in despair mode that time but fortunately, I have tonnes of support from my friends and families. Without them, I am nothing. Just like a SNOWMAN without SNOW. =P

Now I'm slowly getting my life back. No more wearing robot shoes and using crutches. But I walked worse than AH MA. I'm too used with the robot shoes and after I start wearing my normal shoes, I have a strange feeling, like something poke my leg. Feeling very uncomfy. So I walked like 'ca-pet ca-pet', super duper ugly I tell you! If you are a Taylorian and you spot someone walking like an AH MA, that's me. LOL!

Anyway, I have a group assignment recently on PR Principles. My group members and I have to interview a PR Practitioner from outside and write a 2000 words article about it. Thanks to Blogger, I have a wide circle of friends, and one of them is Suresh. He introduced me to Carmen, who is currently a PR Practitioner in Brandthink. Well, I actually know Carmen from blogosphere and we have met before last time, but I have no idea she is working as a PR Practitioner. I contacted her and she said YES! We agreed to meet today in the afternoon at Delicious Cafe.

Triangle galaxy top x Black plaited skirt.
Anyway, it's my first galaxy top. And it's purple in colour! *my all time fav*
Yay or nay? :)

Our prepared interview questions.
In fact, we are kinda nervous while waiting for her arrival. 
It's our first time conducting an interview, rather than attending an interview.

Indeed, Carmen is such a pretty, lively, adorable lady! She has such a charm, such a unique personality, so charismatic that made me look up on her. Initially I was nervous like mad, but after a few questions, I started to relax and back to OFFICIAL QUESTIONING MODE. Since it's a Sunday, and it's in Delicious Cafe, we had our interview session in a semi formal way. Yet she answered every questions professionally, confidently. And after the interview, I really understand what PR is and what PR does. Before that I was kinda confused with PR, events and marketing, and my lecturer failed to let me understand it. But right now I'm meeting up with a professional PR practitioner, and she brings me to understand PR more in-depth, and all at a sudden, I have a strong urge to venture into PR field. It's so challenging, so TEMPTING! I shall really think about this, hmmm.

Group photo after the interview session.
From left : Win, yours truly, Jessie, Lekiyo and Yieng. And the middle one is of course, our main cast of the day - Carmen! :)

Yours truly and Carmen.
I'm really glad to have her as my interviewee for my assignment.
Indeed, a memorable one, a beneficial one, a productive one.
Thank you Carmen, for spending the day with us. We truly appreciate it. 

Photo credits to Yieng and Win for being the photographer.
No posing. Just, being natural.

Owh yeah, to Uniqlo lovers out there. 
Uniqlo is having sales now - RM49.90 for selected leggings!

Neon yellow leggings!
I got one for myself so I can wear it to uni.
So comfy, and hopefully can withstand the 'freeziness' and coldness in class.


  1. Yay for the Galaxy shirt!!! Y U NO interview me T.T I IZ PR too :p

    1. thanks babe!! REALLY???? which company? :)

    2. Esente Communications :)

    3. Wooaahh.. didn't know you're PR too Choulyin, but now I know >.<

  2. awesomeee! nice experience!!! :D

  3. nice leggings.. I don't know how to wear one.. i mean like, i don't think i'll look good with leggings. I know have nice legs like you >.<

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  5. I bought the black legging! hehe

  6. So skinny, the jeggings too loose for u.

  7. the galaxy top is so nice! :D

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