Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dang ~ dang ~ dang dang!

Whoops! Smell the atmosphere of wedding? It's my eldest cousin, John's wedding today, and all of us feel so happy for him. Alright, I don't have any intentions to promote him, but he indeed is an awesome guy that any girls can rely on him! Too bad he is no more available now! =P We didn't even know he pak toh, and suddenly he came to us and told us he's going to get married with the girl he secretly pak toh with! So surprising! Anyway, his wife, Sue is such a sweetie pie - tall and pleasant looking. And both of them look so good together.

John & Sue! 
Congratz to both of them! :)

Car prep up! 

I love their wedding album!
A combination of conservative + slightly modernish!

I love her wedding dress! :D

Meet John's sister a.k.a my daddy's god daughter a.k.a my god sister a.k.a my cousin, XinYee!
She is gorgeous isn't it?

My cousin bro, JunHao!

3,1,2 - Gyiyomi poser! :)

The 'giant' beside me is my cousin bro from Singapore, Yi Xue! 
It's so hard to convince him to pose with us. He look so serious when he is not acting cute. Hahaha!

With our daddy! :)

This little guy in the centre - Yong Han is such a shy shy boy.
Took such a long time to make him start talking and playing with us. 
He is so adorable when he uses his camera and snap photos of us. Love him to bits! :)

Finally my brother decided to take photo with us!
Can you guess which one of him is my brother eh? =P
He rarely take initiative to take photos with us and I don't know why.
Today is extremely, WEIRD! Hahaha! Maybe he is going to overseas soon eh? =P

Dinner at 7pm later, and I shall start to doll up for tonight's event!
And I think my cousins and I have to prepare our own performance on stage later. SCARY!!!
Please don't call me go up the stage and sing! My singing is horrible! >.<


  1. Hmmmmm the guy on the left is your brother right? HAHAHA blog more! :D

    1. yesh yesh! i guess we look pretty alike eh? i will try to blog more often babe ;)

  2. woww! i cant wait to see u sing :P

    1. nawwwwwww! i will definitely refuse the offer! =P

  3. haha if is not urs.. then my next question would be... when is urs?! =p

    1. waaa! my age is way too early for marriage! maybe yours will come first eh? gonna enjoy my single life first =P

  4. You are too skinny ! Omg

  5. congrats to the couple above and u looks good Xue Ren :P