Friday, November 4, 2011

Ready for my finals or my birthday eh?

Hoola! Time for an update after so long! I really miss blogging SO MUCH! =(

Was really really busy this week. Its my so-called study leave, but its not LEAVE at all. I had classes, PACKED, from 9am to 5pm continuously. Basically, I can't leave my books. Its like, I'm going for a war. LOL! =P

My finals will start on Tuesday, and my very first subject is so 'killing' me! Math-S, toughest among all, and hard to score an A. How I wish I'm back to Form 5 learning simple Add Math instead of learning Actuarial Science punya Math-S. Spend my whole day doing it, but couldn't even complete the paper. =(

Time is crucial for my course. Not sure whether I can finish all the papers in time, but I have faith in myself that I can do it. I have put in so much effort, and I will do it right!


Going to hang out with my lovelies tomorrow. Last break before finals. Gonna go shopping!
*SHOPAHOLIC back in action!* =P
Beh tahan, feel like shopping NOW! Heeeee!

Owh yeah, I'm busy, yet I still remember when is my BIRTHDAY eh! =P
so sad that I'm having exam and extra class on that day! *OWH NOOOOO* =(

Here's my wish : 
I wish I would get married on my birthday this year actually.
Get married on 11 November 2011, 11 o'clock 11 minutes 11 seconds. AWW!! Lovely isn't it? :)



  1. 111111 is your birthday? So nice la ! Mine 121111 :P

  2. wah , your birthday this year very nice le! awesome . good luck and all the best in your final exam la.=D

  3. eh eh! my birthdae is 131111! :D omg so coincident! jiayou in exam ya

  4. Wow, 11-11-11? No joke.. that's cool! :) jiayouuuu!

  5. thanks peepo!! I'm so happy to be born on 11.11! =D I'll gambateh for my finals! thanks for the wishes lovelies :)