Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11, its my BIRTHDAY!!!

Wello!! I'm officially, 18!!! *I've been waiting to join the CLUB 18 for long time ago!* LOL! =D

Well, didn't celebrate much for my birthday this year, although this year, is the special one. 11.11.11.
Guess that I wasn't in the b'day mood? Hmm. My finals ruins it! =X

Anyway, had my Computing paper this morning. And guess what? 
I finished the paper half an hour earlier! means I have another half an hour to check the paper!
this is SO SURPRISING! Normally I don't have extra time for all my UNSW papers. This is the first time I have time to check my paper. All the time, I used to hand in the papers without checking. 
Maybe its my b'day eh? Heee! =D

My college mates sang me B'day song in class after our Computing paper.
It means so much for me. *my face red like TOMATO, LOL!* Thank you guys! :)
Took photos with some lecturers today, since we will finish our course REAL SOON! Which means, I'm going to DEGREE! From Pre-U to degree, hmm... Time flies.

My dad bought me a birthday cake, a Tiramisu cake this year. =)
This cake is much better than last year ones. Not so sweet :)
Too bad I can't eat much because I just discharged from hospital. Sigh. 

Ta da!!

Closer look :)  Looking yummy there :)

Posing with the cake. xD

My beloved sis and I.

Sis putting candles on the cake.


Of course, not to forget to make a wish on 11.11.11 !!! =D
What's in my wish eh? *secret* =P

Blowing all the candles! *Ignore my silly face!* =P

Cutting the cake.

Some of the presents I received from my family and friends! 

Blue maxi skirt from sister!
Lovin' it so much! :)

Pink Vintage bag from my bro and his gf, Hui Li. =)

Floral tube dress from Stephanie babe! :)

I'm so happy that finally, I've turn 18, officially.
I can watch any movies in cinema now! Heee! xD


Thanks for the birthday wishes from my family, friends and strangers from text messages, emails, Twitter and Facebook! *REALLY APPRECIATE IT, it means so much for me*  =)

Its 11.59pm now. So i'll end my birthday with this post and a photo of me where I took this morning! :)

Looking forward to my life, after finals! Here we go again! 
*la la la la la la, sing a happy song!* =P


  1. KAKAK! You are such a cheerful girl, stay healthy k? I saw yr previous post..saying that you were admitted in hospital. Hope that you will be stronger as u get older! xD

  2. Whoa, you look great in that blue maxi skirt! Maxi skirt makes me look short. Happy belated sweet 18 :P

  3. omg i looove the maxi skirt ! where is it from ? =]

  4. @eunice okayy, i will stay healthy! thanks for ur concern love :)

    @hilda hee! thankss!! :) u can get the short one too. You'll definitely look good in that :D thanks for ur wish yeah! :D

    @anonymous errmm, 1 utama i guess? my sis bought it. so i not sure. =)

  5. congratulation for your especially birthday,
    keep happy always :)