Saturday, November 5, 2011

Admitted to hospital!

Sigh, my shopping trip had become a hospital trip! =(  

At first I planned to go Times Square with my lovelies to shop, to relax before my finals, as well as to celebrate my birthday in advance since I'm having finals on my birthday this year. But, it doesn't seems good at all.

I was admitted to hospital, AGAIN, yesterday midnight i guess. I had serious stomachache problem last night. It happened all at a sudden, and it was really really PAINNNNNNN! No one will know how the pain is like unless you have the same problem like I'm having now. I couldn't even walk at all, until I almost 'crawled' to my parents room to ask them for help. They quickly sent me to Tawakal Hospital, and I wasn't conscious that time. Maybe its too pain, till I'm feeling numb, feelingless.

Hate this! =(

I still remember last night,
I was lying on the bed, feeling so cold and shivering.
Parents and brother standing beside me,
looking at me.
I know they are worried for me, and I feel bad to wake them up so late at night.
Why I have so many sickness eh? Is this a challenge for me? =(

I woke up a few times due to the continuously pain. The nurses gave me 3 injections to stop the pain temporarily. All I remember is I lost a lot of blood because the nurses took my blood for 3 times. =(  Had two scanning and X-ray this morning too. Totally, no appetite to eat anything. Feel so sick. My blood pressure was really low that time too. Around 60+ only!

All I hope right now, is to get well soon before my finals on Tuesday. I don't want to be sick again. Please? *finger-crossed*

Looking pale there.
Pray hard. Be safe.

Yours truly.


  1. Take care! Support support you! ^^

  2. Thanks :) appreciate ur wishes :)

  3. 3 injections? :O Really hope you'll have a speedy recovery and be well before yr finals!

  4. @hilda thanks deary! i'm getting better now :)

    @tony thanks!! =D

  5. This sounds so scary.. Hope you get well soon!! >______________<