Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dubu Dubu!

Had lunch @ Dubu Dubu at Mid Valley few days ago. It was my first time visiting this Korean shop, because it's still new, just launched its opening recently. Well, the Korean food was delicious and reasonable in price. Try it out yo! :)

Dubu Dubu! 

Aloe Vera Punch. 
A very refreshing drink! :)

Roasted Barley. 
Available in hot/cold. FREE REFILL TOO! :)

I tried this one. Can't really remember the name of it.
But, this one is so delicious! especially the soup! 
Guess what's the toppings? Its CHEESE!!! =)
The soup is available in either spicy (Kim Chi) or non spicy (chicken soup).

Spicy Kim Chi!!
Although I can't eat spicy due to my health concern, I can't resist myself from trying it.
I tried a few sips, and if I'm given permission to eat spicy, I would definitely order this!
So yummy! :)

And, this set was not bad too. 
The chicken was grilled in some specially made sauce + Kim Chi.
It comes with side dishes + soup too. Price is RM14.90 ONLY! Cheap sia! :)

Definitely will visit Dubu Dubu again!!!
*making me drooling when I looked at these pics again* xD


  1. Dubu dubu? Why so cute one the name? >.< You can try the few korean restaurants I blogged before if you're really into authentic korean food (:

  2. haha! yeah! 1st time hearing such a cute name too! okayy, will try out soon :)