Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moving on.

*wink* xD

Yipeee! 2 more subjects, then I'm FREE from exam!! *can't wait to END it!* =D

Will be going to Pulau Pangkor with college mates right after finals.
*our last trip together before we going to degree, since most of them will be going to overseas or other states* =(
But its monsoon period now. Kinda worried actually.
Hopefully everything will be fine. =)

Sigh, suddenly feeling very sad, when it comes to graduation, although its just undergraduate.
We had put in so much effort throughout this year. We study 99 before, had lunch while having lecture in class since we had no lunch time, went to college in the weekend just to do revision and lots of lots of memories together. Sigh, i guess i'll miss them, although I know them like for 1 year only. Hopefully we will meet again in future. =)

Owh yeah, I received my Sunway passes from Nestle last week.
Thanks to Kah Mon for letting me know about the contest. 
So happy to win the free passes. ALL PARK WEYY! =D

The letter from Nestle.  :)

Free passes!!!!! =D

More updates after my finals!


  1. all the best in SPM and wave hello to holidae! :D

  2. All the best and good luck ! P.S : LOL at Fish comment . SPM? haha . Xue Ren, u look very young le . =p

  3. @fish haha! i finished spm last year my dear! thanks for praising me for looking young there xD

    @kian fai yeah!! *can't wait to end it* xD

    @jayren thankss!! *i know i'm young* =D