Sunday, November 13, 2011

You are the apple of my eye.

You are the apple of my eye.
Rating : 4.5/5
*if the main actor and actress get married at last, i would rate it 5/5!* xD

I watched this movie with my lovelies yesterday night @ Jusco Metro Prima.
Was CRAVING to watch this movie since there's a lot of nice review for this movie.
And indeed, this movie is really, really, really YOUNG, SWEET, ROMANTIC! *but kinda sexual too, LOL!* =P
Cried in the end of the movie. So touching laaa. 

Because my sis and Steph were under 18, so we were kinda worried that they couldn't enter the cinema hall.
Luckily I just passed my b'day 2 days ago, I'm finally in the CLUB 18! 
So I gave my sister my IC in case they check her age. LOL! Steph used her driving license. SMART! =D
Awesome time watching that movie, laughed from the start to the end + a lil bit of tears? =P
Spent some time in Viss since Steph need to buy her prom heels. She was so happy to get a pair of cheap + elegant heels. 
And I applied my Starbucks card too! Heee!! 

Here's my Starbucks card!! 
Snowman as background eh! xD

Awesome bonding time with my lovely sisters! Miss Lyn, Carmen and Steph! Thank god we get to meet up. Hee!
Will hang out with them again, really soon.  =)

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  1. actually i dont understand why is it rated 18, hahas but i think ppl around the cinema didnt check at all >< anyway it's nice movie! love it