Monday, November 21, 2011

Life after exam!

Whoops!!! I finished my finals last week! =D
So sorry to neglect my bloggie and tumbliee for quite some time.
But no worries, ALIEN is back in action! Hee! =P

Had my last paper, Biology last Thursday.
The paper was superb tough, it was one of my hardest paper that I ever attempted throughout my course.
Blanked quite some questions. Sigh, had tried my best. Just be good to me, UNSW! #prayhard

Went to Pangkor Island with my college mates on that day itself.
Had an AWESOME, MEMORABLE time there! My skin had became darker after the trip. *kena sunburnt*
But i have no regrets. One of my best trip ever! =)

Cried when we waved goodbye to each other. 
So sad, to say goodbye to them.They were like, part of my life you know.
Especially Yun, Trishna, Peggie, Joyce, Justin and Ashton.
They cared for me, always. 
I guess, I'll really miss them calling me BLURR, BLURR SOTONG. Aww! =(

Will update for the trip when the photos are up.
Stay tuned! :)

*crap! Right now, I've to think what to study for my degree. Science or Arts?*
gimme more brain juice pls? xD


  1. wahh holidae time? :D enjoy yourself while im busy preparing with my midterm tests T_T

    -FiSh :)

  2. thanks babe! :) good luck for ur exams too! :)