Saturday, November 26, 2011

What to study for degree eh?

These few days, I was thinking really hard, what should I study for degree. Actually, I was kinda confused, whether I should go for Science or Arts. Aiyorrr, kepala sakit betulll! =(

Did some research recently, and I kinda make my choices, 'more limited'. =P  So, if its Science courses, I would choose either pharmacy or physiology. Heee! :)  Why pharmacy? I don't know why, but I feel like working as pharmacists. I just like giving medicine to other people. Its like, be part of the people who help those who in needs. And why physiology? Aku sudah tolong orang, especially orang tua. xD I love talking to them, making them happy. And If i have a chance to be a pharmacist or physiologist, definitely I would choose to work in government hospital.

So if its Art courses, I would choose either media communication or architecture. Why media communication? I like almost everything in media communication, especially journalism, event planning and advertising. I love communicating with people. And why architecture? I kinda like arts actually. I love to draw, especially drawing buildings and furniture. At 1st i'm thinking of becoming a designer, but I don't think designer is my type. From Steph, I know a lot about what she studied for designing course. It needs lots of creative juice + determination. Of course, money needs a lot too. So much money is used to buy those materials for the projects. =(  Plus, my parents don't really like me to study designing course. *tak ada future secure, mereka cakap* And it would be very stressful too, not really suitable for me due to my health concern. So I think architecture and designing both 'tak boleh jalan' la.  =X

God, how how how? I need to think wisely before i made any decision. Its my future. I don't wanna waste my time and money to study something that I don't like. So, please give me more brain juices, then I can make decision. Pray hard.  :)


  1. kesian ini amoi...cause i terlalu byk choice...hmm, For me, i suggest u to go for the it suits u ..^^

  2. I'm also in health sciences field. Physiology needs energy because you might carry patients or heavy stuffs so I think you should go for pharmacy. Get expose to all types of medicine :) Anyway, the final choice is in your hand. Think carefully, deep inside your heart, what you like the most and go for it :D

  3. @eunice really?? i'll consider about it. thanks babe! :)

    @kelly yeahhh, i agreed tooo. I need more time to think about it. thanks for the advice dear :)

  4. You mean Physiology or Psychology? No matter what, go for something that you have interest in! (:

  5. @hillda physiology, the one that u are studying :) yeah, tats the most kepala sakit part =(

  6. You mean physiotherapy cox I think Hilda is doing that course. Anyway, follow your heart and find where your passion is. :)

  7. it depends on your result and money constraint i guess. but most important thing that you have to bear in mind is that, people sometimes dont work in the field they studied and even become more successful when going out of the box :) think wisely


  8. @mabel alright, will do babe :)

    @fish yeahh, i knowww. thats what making me headache. :( so hard to make a decision now.

  9. You should get what you think is your interest and where you can really excel and be motivated.

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