Friday, July 13, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

How would I organize my very own flash mob eh?


This is the one, that gives me inspiration to organize my very own flash mob!
And this is all thanks to Miss Jennifer Lopez's Papi Music Video!

"Move your body, Dance for your papi"
"Rock your body, Dance for your papi"

Look at this!
Imagine I move my hand to left side, the other hot guys will follow my direction,
and when I move to right side, they will follow me as well!

Imagine myself standing in the position where Miss Jennifer Lopez is standing right now.

Venue : The flash mob will be organized on the street, and everyone will just join in the fun, including the elderly and children too!
Dance steps : The dance steps will not be too tough as well, since the elderly and children are joining the fun. I'll create some simple robotic dance moves for all so everyone could be the dancers!
Theme song : Papi!

This is it!
Step Up Revolution! Seriously can't wait for it! :)

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