Friday, July 13, 2012

Study break officially starts today!

Whoopedoo! One week study break starts today, and I'll be facing my finals right after my study break. Gotta hardcore studying during my one week study break and score well for my finals. My motto : NEVER EVER GIVE UP AND KEEP GOING! 

Random shots with my course mates.

Random shots with my group mates.
This photo was taken at Full House @ Sunway Pyramid on Wednesday where we had our video shooting there. Had a great time there with them! All the laughters! =]

My weekend will be a lil tight since I have some events to go. Tomorrow I'll be going to Sunway Lagoon Wave Pool to attend Clinique Summer Beach Party and at night, I'll be attending MTV World Stage! Woo-hoo!! =]  Thank you Carmen, for agreeing to accompany me tomorrow for all those events, Thank you Joanne, for inviting me to attend the beach party and finally Thank you Kelvin, for giving me passes to MTV World Stage! Muahaha, I just feel so happy and excited right now! Pray hard for everything to be fine and smooth tomorrow! =]