Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An outing with my lovelies!

I have been a GOOD GOOD GIRL recently eh? Was busy with my uni life and assignments these days. Luckily, I still managed to allocate some time to spend with my high school lovelies to DE-STRESS, to stay out from my so-called hectic uni life, temporarily. *SKIP ALL MY UNI LIFE CRAPS*

Well, we decided to have karaoke session, since we all love to sing like nobody business! =P  YES, WE MAY NOT BE A GOOD SINGER, BUT WE ARE A GOOD YELL-ER / 'RAPPER'! =]  We went to Neway @ 1 Utama, because we were entitled to have student price if we show our student ID to them. One person just have to pay for RM 15+ for singing session + lunch! Quite reasonable in price, but we still prefer Red Box though. Red Box's food is yummier! Hehe! =]

Are we singing?

It seems like I enjoyed very much eh? 

My best friend, Carmen and I.
She is a real good listener, and I'm really glad to have her as my best friend.

My best best friend, Eelyn and I.
She is my best friend ever who is a good listener and a good adviser all the time!

Group Photo 1.
From left : Pearly, Carmen, Ling Sze, Me and EeLyn.

Group Photo 2. 
Glad to know this bunch of friends, who cheer me up when I'm sad, laugh together when we have some funny craps, gossip like a boss, and understand each other too. =]

We all look so smart right?  =)

I'm so glad that till now *after we graduated from our high-school*, we still 'in love' with each other, with superb strong FRIENDSHIP bonding together! =P  We still the old us, talk crappy stuffs, do crazy stunts and laugh like a boss whenever we meet up or hang out with each other. Thank you, for being my best friends, best lovelies all these while. Love love! :)

Things changed eh? 
Now I realized that, what do we meant by TRUE FRIENDSHIP.
Friends VS Used-to-be good friends VS Best friends.


  1. Yea.. me understand the same thing too :) btw, nice background ! love it !!

  2. Ah, havent gone for any music activities for months! Jom bloggers karaoke session =p

    Anyway please ajak your older friends to join the Cres Blogging Contest to win facial treatments worth RM2549! Check out my tips here. Thanks =)

    1. haha, jom jom jom!! K-TIME!! =P

      alright alright, will invite my friends to join! :)

  3. I like the word 'lovelies'! I enjoy Karaoke once a while too :)

    1. yes, we have a strong friendships together, lovelies is the best to describe it :)