Friday, May 20, 2011


Hi bloggie! =)

I have no idea what to blog now actually. Sigh. I guess I have too many stuffs need to blog, and now I don't know how to start with. Hmm. =(

My college life is hectic, as usual. My MPW exam is on next Friday. Gonna be so DEAD for my Malaysian Studies! *Please la, I have ZERO knowledge on politic thingy!*  =(  Please don't fail! If not, i can't get my results slip. >.< 

This week was kinda busy. Have to start preparing for my upcoming trial exam soon. This course was kinda stress, and I not really sure that whether I can cope with it. I have 5 subjects to cover in 1 freaking year! My Math-S is so hard. First time in my life time, I score a C for my Math. LOL! Normally my math was an A in primary & secondary school, but now, C pulak! Have to put more effort in it. 

And a bad news is, my summary presentation need to re-do! OMG! Everyone have to re-do. I have no idea why, but according to the lecturer, we have to re-do. Crap! Means I have to be filmed again! *i am scared, no joke!*  =(

Btw, going to Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel tomorrow for food tasting event. I was invited by Nana Eddy to attend the event. Its free! Can't wait to go there tomorrow! My sister, Stephanie deary will be going together too. Jayren will the driver of the day. Will met some other bloggers tomorrow there too.  =)

An email from Edwin Anthony, the people in charge from Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel.

Sigh, I'm tired today. Tired of pretending, maybe? 
*no one understand I guess*

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