Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello Singapore!

Whoops! =D

I'm going to Singapore 'later'! A few hours more. =P
Well, this time, its some run-away trip!
*only ME & my sis going!*  =)
Hopefully everything goes well during the trip.

Btw, before heading to the bus station, I have to go to NWC first.
Sigh, blood test comes first. =X
I'm so scared of blood test. It freaks me out!
I still remember last time how the nurse took my blood.
The blood flow from my hand to my leg! OMG!  =(

The blood test is around 8.30 am. 
After the blood test, then have to rush to bus station.
My bus will depart around 11.30 am. *will be going by First Coach bus*
Please, don't miss the bus! >.<

Pray hard for my popo.
*will post another post about her*
sigh. =(