Monday, May 23, 2011

Hand-made B'day card!

Happy Birthday to my beloved uncle! =)
Thank you for everything,
especially offering me a place to stay during my college life,
giving me advice on education and health,
and others stuffs too! 

Before that, I bought a Olive Shower Gel from The Body Shop for his b'day present.
I don't know what to buy actually, since he had almost everything in his life. LOL!
So, my cousin, Sweet Yee and I decided to make a b'day card.
Its a lil rushing in fact. We used around 1 hour to do the card.
So the card wasn't very nice, but my uncle likes it very much! =)

Simple outlook of the card!


Just a simple one.
Since we have no 'ingredients','apparatus' and 'materials'  =P

Had a nice dinner in some restaurant in Paramount Garden.
Delicious fish head! =)
Went home after that, and did my Math-S homework.

Btw, my chemistry test was, not good i guess?
I did quite some silly mistakes. sigh. =(
carbonate should produce carbon dioxide + water!
And I forgot about carbon dioxide! OMG! =(
Hopefully won't failed my test.


  1. So sweet of you to buy a present and make a card for yr uncle (:

  2. do i get a card for my birthday as well? XD

  3. you and your uncle so close, that was sweet :D Nice card! Can I have one too?

  4. @hilda haha! yeah, my uncle treat me very good =)

    @kyril haha, next time give u a card! =P

    @qiwen hmm, quite close with him actually. =P erm, can can, ur b'day card soon! =D